Spiromagic is a smartphone based spirometer measuring

lung function in seconds

Open - Blow - Save

It’s as Simple as That!

The Spiromagic app

monitors progress over time and provides real-time

insights into essential

lung parameters


Spiromagic provides instant data and status of lung function at any moment to optimise the quality of life.


The App additionally informs users  about external factors that may influence the tests, such as location, temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction and air pressure



Forced Expiratory Volume in the first second - Amount of air exhaled during the first second of test.



Forced Expiratory Volume in 6 seconds - Amount of air exhaled during the first six seconds of test.




Amount of air exhaled during the first second of test, relative to the amount of air exhaled in the fírst six seconds.





Estimated Lung Age - The average age of people with the same personal data and measurements.



Peak Expiratory Flow - Maximum speed of air exhaled by user.


Lung Number

(FEV1/RefFEV1) - Amount of air exhaled in the first second, in relation to the expected amount.


Historical Data

Allows users to track the progress of their condition.


Results provided by Spiromagic comply with advanced international standards in respiratory medicine - The Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI)

Spiromagic provides users with real-time data and status of their lung function immediately.


The device allows users to view flow-volume loops and all measured values.

All measurements are stored in a secure database, making it easy to monitor and control your condition.

Instant Results for

All Standard Lung Parameters



The intuitive device is developed and tested with user-groups making it easy for

day-to-day use


Easy to Download

and Set Up

API Ready to Integrate with Telemedicine Platforms

The pocket-sized spirometer comes with a changeable, reusable mouthpiece 

Easy to Clean

and Maintain


Spiromagic is easy to bring along and comes with a protective pouch

The Box Contains

See our videos for instructions and guides


Spiromagic Academy


Dr. Jann Mortensen, doctor at Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen expert center), explains how to use Spiromagic

How to download and set-up the Spiromagic App


Dr. Peter Lange from Hvidovre Hospital talk about who could benefit from using Spiromagic.

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Dynamovej 11, 2. tv.

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Tel: +45 28 57 41 36

E-mail: info@spiromagic.dk


CVR: 35653511


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